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Doughie's Footpaws! Update!

Well I am happy to say that the new custom soles I made for Doughie's feet were a complete success. Things that should be noted are:

-That I used foam work mats. They are strong, durable (especially since they were a little tough to cut) and they actually stuck on.

-High temp setting had to be used. A low temp bond will not work well. The high temp bond really held onto the feet.

-There are two sides to foam soles. One side is slippery and the other side has a higher amount of traction. Unless you intend to moonwalk a lot, I recommend having the traction side being the one touching the ground. The high temp glue sticks very well to this so don't worry.

-The feet are soft, squishy, and fat. <3

The next part I will pursue are the handpaws. These will be a little tricky but wish me luck. :D
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Doughie's Footpaws! From Y to Z!

Behold! The completion of Doughie's feet!

Now I did run into a couple of problems, but here they are, ready to go (Minus the soles). The difference is that I sewed the top parts on (and made one adjustment to fix a symmetry mistake). Oh and there is another matching foot.

Let me tell you, some of the sewing was just absurdly tricky to do. Quite often, and notably when sewing the final parts of the foot, I was unable to see where I was going to stick the needle and had to rotate the foot around. Otherwise the rest was easy to sew and secure.

Super 77 has failed to hold up to the might of the toon paws. In fact, what happened was that the car mats actually resist adhesive. The rest of the footpaw actually held the bond! Lesson learned: Do not use any car mats whatsoever or you'll be wasting around $40 in materials. Now you're wondering why I was using car mats. Well, because they looked like a good material to mate a custom sole from! But unforts these won't cut it.

This took a few weeks due to a hectic real life schedule but I am proud of the end result. Just need to seal the deal with replacement soles (Let's just say I completed them, the soles failed and they need a repair, Alright?). What do you think?
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Doughie's Footpaws! From A to Y!

First off, compared to the head, these were way easier to make. First off, a couple of things: I nearly completed one paw (95% done), so since both paws are the same I may as well show you what I did with it. Second off it's 95% because I need to obtain some Super 77 glue instead of Hot Glue, as a friend suggested. Not even hot glue could withstand the awesomeness of toonpaws. That will be obtained tomorrow.

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Fursuit Head Pics

I am very proud of this, and I have good reason to be. This is my very first fursuit head, and it took forever to make. It was tough, but holy crap I was surprised I pulled it off!

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FIRST! I-di-di-I mean't, hello!

First post!

Anyhoo, I'm going to thrust thoughts here when I do think of such; many sketches and what have you will rest here in my place on LJ.

While I am here, why not set one here right now?

I did not know Alf had a cartoon. You remember Alf, right? The show about the fuzzy guy who loved to eat cats? Well, he did get a cartoon and I thought that it was a very fun thing to watch. So fun that I lost track of time that night (And I mean that in a good way).

I did not get to see (Or remember) much of the sitcom of Alf, so I can't really make too many comparisons. However, the show was about life on Alf's home planet--which is crazy, zany, and toony (The planet even had a gyro, with a robot that managed things about it such as the Co-Axial Biscuit). Alf took part in an army, and he was indeed a total doofus and lazy too...compared to everyone else.

Now here's a link to the intro and--wait, he had a second one?!
Alf Tales?
That one I have no info of, since I just found out about it as I typed!

Alf (Cartoon): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3pmEN3Wt_o
Alf Tales intro: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vi86O4nU2TU&feature=related